Are you a medical professional interested in joining us on a brigade?

Recruiting medical professionals to volunteer on brigades is an essential part of our program.  Any medical professional who is able and willing to diagnose and prescribe medication is welcome to volunteer on a brigade.  Medical Professionals will have to the opportunity to work with students to provide essential health care to patients in Honduras, Panama, and Ghana.  For more information, please email the UCLA Global Medical Brigades president, Jess Keane, at

Medical professionals from past trips!

Name: Parvin Mani parvinmani

Profession/specialty: OB/GYN

How you got involved with UCLA GMB: I went on a Medical trip in Peru with the Ayacucho Mission and meant some heartfelt medical students from UC Irvine on the trip. As it turns out, one of the them was the president of GMB at UC Irvine. I did a little research on the organization and found the UCLA trip to Ghana.

Where/when you went on your brigade: I went with UCLA in December of 2012

Your favorite part of your brigade: My favorite part of the brigade was teaching the students. I sincerely hope that the community in the Abor village learned as much from me as I did from them. The patients seemed so eager to learn about their health. I also loved working with the UCLA students and sharing my passion for medicine with them.

Name: Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.A.A.I. 


Profession/specialty: Internal Medicine; private practice.  UCLA Medical Degree 1984.

How you got involved with UCLA GMB:  I joined my daughter Sierra to Honduras GMB.  Previously had been to GMB Honduras with my son, Jacob with UC Berkeley a few years ago.

Where/when you went on your brigade:  Honduras in June 2011

Your favorite part of your brigade:  teaching Bruins about how to evaluate


patients and listening to the interpreters speak beautiful Spanish on my behalf.  The evening activities were also quite enjoyable.


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